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Hearing Tests

We represent the manufacturers that provide the most reputable service combined with the latest technology available. A comprehensive hearing evaluation is the first step to proper diagnosis of hearing loss.

You can expect the most accurate exam possible. After a thorough evaluation we will take the time to clearly explain all of our recommendations. We make sure you get the aids that best fit your budget as well as your loss.

Initial examination

We will begin the examination with a special instrument called an otoscope. This allows us to easily see any problems in the ear canal or with the eardrum.

Pure tone test

The first couple tests are pure tone tests. These tests are designed to give an accurate base line of your hearing threshold through the entire speech range.

Essentially you respond to pulsing rhythmic tones whenever they’re audible. This method ensures a recording of your best possible hearing threshold. That’s important because you don’t want to be fit with hearing aids if they’re not totally necessary. This method also makes for a more accurate fit if you need hearing aids. It ensures all sounds are more natural and remain in their proper loudness context.

Speech test

Next, you are tested on your ability to understand speech at average conversation level. The speech test investigates whether there could be problems with the speech signal being pulled up the auditory pathway intact enough that it can be understood. Or, if the speech reception area has problems with discrimination no matter how strong the signal is when it reaches the brain. In simple terms these test are done to predict the amount of benefit that might be derived from wearing hearing aids. They give us a target to shoot for.

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