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Payment options

We don’t want anyone to walk away without a hearing aid because of budget issues. Besides our great pricing we have between 6 to 8 different payment options available on most levels of technology.  

There are several interest free payment plans to choose from. There are also deferred payment plans. The interest free deferred payment plans are usually around 60% down with balance in 90 days to 6 months depending on the plan.

Payment plans are available on even the lowest levels of technology.

Insurance Accepted

We accept all insurance for those who have benefits. It’s important to note hearing aid benefits vary dramatically depending on the underwriter, group and plan. We will help you sort through all the misinformation. If you provide us with your health insurance information, we will make sure that we have the details ready for discussion on your initial visit.


More than 90% of the hearing aids we dispense are available with 3 year warranty, & Loss, Stolen & Damage insurance. In most cases additional warranty can be bought at the time of the initial purchase or at the end of the warranty expiration. We make sure you’re able to protect your investment.

If you have any questions please call